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Traction and Rolling Stock

The railway relies on a skilled team of workshop volunteers to keep our heritage locomotives and rolling stock running. Volunteers maintain, overhaul and restore steam and diesel locomotives, carriages, wagons as well as utilising skills like painting, machining, welding & fabrication, construction, and woodwork. The opportunities and experiences in the railway’s workshop are endless, whatever your interests or abilities are there is a huge range of tasks to be completed to suit everybody, whether you are utilising existing skills or gaining new ones.


Locomotive Engineering

The main bulk of the work ongoing in the workshop is the running maintenance and major overhauls of our fleet of steam and diesel locomotives. Working on heritage steam and diesel locomotives is a non-stop learning experience as there are always new challenges and issues to overcome. Working on these sorts of projects with the railways time-served engineers, who are always happy to pass on their skills and knowledge to those who are willing to learn, gives volunteers an excellent sense of pride and achievement. 


Carriage & Wagon

Working on Carriage & Wagon is often a litter quieter than the main workshop. The work involves the running maintenance and heavy overhauls of our coaching stock and ever-growing fleet of wagons. Work involves cleaning & polishing, painting, welding/fabrication, joinery, electricals, upholstery work and more.

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