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No. 10

  • Builder: Consett Iron Company

  • Built in: 1958

  • Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0DM

  • Worked for: Consett Iron Company

  • Current Status: Awaiting Repair

No.9 and No.10 of the Consett Iron Company’s locomotive fleet were built in-house at the Templetown locomotive works in Consett.

Heavily based on the Hunslet diesel locomotives owned by the Conset Iron Company at the time, the engines were made to withstand the harsh conditions of the blast furnaces and loads of molten steel. Very few parts of the locomotive were bought in, with the majority of components either being made on site or salvaged from other locomotives - the wheels were cut from steel plate. The deep buffer beams helped add extra weight to assist with braking and prevent lifting the engine too far when it derailed. 


No.10 was donated to Tyne & Wear Museums in 1976 and initially acted as an air compressor whilst A.No.5 was being restored at Monkwearmouth Station Museum. When the collection was transferred to Middle Engine Lane, No.10 hauled the stock down from the unloading point at West Allotment.

Restored to its original livery, No.10 remains rarely used as it is unable to haul a passenger train due to not having train brakes. No.10 is currently in the main workshop awaiting repairs to its wiring.

A black and yellow chevron pattern diesel train with the number 10 written on it travels on rails in an industrial environment.
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