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Meaford No.1

  • Builder: Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn

  • Built in: 1951

  • Works Number: 7683

  • Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0T

  • Worked for: British Electricity Authority, Central Electricity Generating Board

  • Current Status: Static Exhibit/Awaiting Overhaul


Meaford No.1 was built as a standard design of locomotive for the British Electricity Authority to work within their coal fired power stations. 


The requirement was that the engines could haul a 1000 ton train from the British Rail exchange siding to the coal tippler.  Several examples were built to work at several power stations in the Midlands.  These engines were built with large cylinders and small wheels, speed wasn’t an issue around the power station, but the owners needed them to be as powerful as possible.  MEA being short for Meaford Power Station which is in Staffordshire.  Eventually owned by the Central Electricity Generating Board it was replaced by a diesel locomotive in 1972 and was eventually sold to the East Lancashire Railway where it hauled the first passenger train in 1987. 


Meaford No.1 came to the North Tyneside Steam Railway in 1996 where it remained a member of the working fleet until 2003 when it was withdrawn pending overhaul.   

Meaford Number 1 is a black steam engine with No. 1 written on the side in gold, and red plate at the front.
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